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Donna Kary

I was delighted to read about you in a recent issue of the Times. I would like to go along with you on some training hikes. I am a former 6 time marathoner and also have taken long day hikes in the eastern Sierra but have not been backpacking. Please let me know how to join you if that is possible.

Mary Kay Egan

I really enjoyed your web site. I read about your group in the LATimes. I am a 68yr old hiker living in La Quinta, formerly in O.C. In the past I have hiked Mt. Witney and the High Sierra Trails in Yosemite. I would love to start a group here in the desert. Maybe I will use some info from your web site. Thanks MKEgan


Hi there:
Just found out about FLAB through LA Times and reviewed your wonderfully informative web page. I hike, run, backpack . . . How can I join up w/you?

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